Introducing Scout

The first B2B app designed to put productive time back into working parents' lives by providing fast, easy access to thousands of quality kids' activities.

Solving the equation of work, home & family  

Why Scout?

Scout provides streamlined, fast access to thousands of quality kids' activities.  Parents source activities and sign up their kids in minutes -- not hours -- giving them back hours of valuable time to focus on productive work.

Scout is an integral, effective addition to the HR benefits toolkit.

the need is real

79% of working parents ranked themselves 

very concerned 

about managing kids and work at the same time in a 2020 Scout survey

Employers estimate that 34% of salaried time is non-productive at work due to stress and disengagement relating to home and family needs

best hr practices

Optimize employee experience

Keep your talent

Women are uniquely burdened with growing pressure to pull back or leave the workplace

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Wellness & Health

evolving workplaces

Working parents face ever-changing challenges in balancing time between work needs, family needs and taking care of their homes and themselves.

WFH and hybrid return-to-office models are here to stay.

So are the challenges. The need is greater than ever before for Scout's integral benefits tool.

Our Solution



Add times when you need  activities for kids

Scout recommends activities for your kids based on their interests. 

Select the activities you want and sign-up.

It was so easy to use!  I found 3 online classes for my two boys within minutes.

                                     - Katie B. 

It took me about 3 minutes to sign up and about 10 to find the perfect  photography class...this is a game changer.
                                 - Jill S.

Scout can proactively fill employee meeting times with custom-selected activity suggestions.

Scout customers gain access to a curated "Best Of" platform of online and in-person activities for kids from local and national providers.

Employee users create a one-time profile for each child to custom filter searches to quickly find availability and register kids.

Scout search categories span a range of interests -- from arts and enrichment to sports, camp, and more.  Everything from painting and film making to chess, coding, virtual museum visits, nature classes, STEM, public speaking, storytime, and a wide variety of sports...

There's something for whatever kids imagine.

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Solutions for busy workdays, after school, vacation days, camps...

Scout can find it.

Solving the equation of work, home & family.


Our Team

julie no background.png

Jennifer Nadelson


Julie Stuecken


Tara Ventura


As three busy, working mothers with children ranging in ages from 6-18, our experience told us that there had to be a better way to manage this essential part of raising a family along with our professional lives. 


We founded Scout to address a problem that is all too real for working parents at all levels of their careers.  


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