Solving the equation of work, home & family  

Introducing Scout Connect for Business

Why Scout Connect?

We solve a critical problem facing working parents today: parental stress driven by the merging of work and home. Our recent survey showed that 79% of parents are very concerned about managing their kids and work, at the same time. Women in the workplace are uniquely burdened at this time and feeling more pressure than ever to quit their jobs. We think Scout is a needed and critical addition to the benefits toolkit for parents working from home enabling work and family to intersect easily. 


How It Works

Scout Connect proactively fills employees' meeting/busy times with customized activity suggestions based on an optional child profile(s) solving the equation of work, home, and family.


Scout Connect

Add times when you need  activities for kids

Scout Connect recommends activities for your kids based on their interests. 

Select the activities you want and sign-up.

Our Team

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Jennifer Nadelson


Julie Stuecken


Tara Ventura


Marcy Carty


We founded Scout to solve a real problem that we have all experienced. We are 4 busy working moms whose children range from ages 6-18 and have lived through every stage of this process. We knew there had to be a better way. 


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Solving the equation of work, home & family